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Finely Crafted Portable Fly-Tying Chests

Tree Stump


Welcome to a world where craftsmanship meets passion. Dive into my collection of portable fly-tying chests that marries tradition with innovation, offering you bespoke fly-tying chests designed with precision and care. Every piece tells a story, and we invite you to be a part of ours. 

At Twisted Feather, we specialize in creating beautiful fly-tying chests made to order. Our chests come in one style but are available in a variety of wood types at different price points. We also offer a selection of fly-tying accessories that can be drop-shipped from Amazon. Our mission is to provide high-quality, personalized products and accessories that will enhance your fly-tying experience.

Below you will find the specific details of our portable chests. As you explore my store, you'll find different pictures of the chests in a variety of settings and stages of its setup.


* Measures 9” T x 8 ¾” D x 18 ¾” Wide

* Pullout drawer/worksurface lifts for additional storage

* Partially open measures 19” deep

* Fully open measures 26” deep with 11 x 17 ¼ work surface

* Built-in vice clamp on front rail

* All routed trays have magnets inlaid underneath

* Spindles accommodate 14 spools of thread/wire

* Finished with water-based polyurethane and hand-rubbed shellac

*Aromatic Cedar bottoms, except for the "Baltic Birch Standard" which uses White Birch Bottoms

Click on these links to accessorize your Twisted Feather Chest

My name is Tim and I've been building custom furniture and cabinets for forty years. In 2001, I created a line of fly- tying desks that went on to sell nationwide through various big-name distributors. I am now working on a smaller scale but still offer the same quality and workmanship that has been my reputation for years.

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